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Kiribati Sea Temperature

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The highest sea temperature in Kiribati today are:
1 Ambo Village - 87.0oF (30.5oC)
2 Teaoraereke Village - 86.0oF (30.0oC)
3 Rawannawi Village - 85.8oF (29.8oC)
4 Bonriki Village - 85.5oF (29.7oC)
5 Buota Village - 85.5oF (29.7oC)
6 Butaritari - 85.5oF (29.7oC)
7 Nawerewere Village - 85.5oF (29.7oC)
8 Banraeaba Village - 85.2oF (29.6oC)
9 Eita Village - 85.2oF (29.5oC)
10 Betio Village - 84.8oF (29.3oC)
11 Bairiki Village - 84.5oF (29.2oC)
12 Temaiku Village - 84.5oF (29.1oC)
Data on seawater temperature in Kiribati collected from open sources, uses satellite map of temperatures provided by the NOAA. To improve the accuracy of data used by local providers of weather in each region. We can not take into account sea currents, sudden changes in weather conditions and storms. For the accuracy of this information site is not responsible.
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